Thursday, November 30, 2006

Image generators, Librarything & Rollyo 10# 11# 12#

So its play week, well maybe for some but l found it a bit fustrating. Only some of it though l did enjoy the playing it was the doing that was fustrating as it isn't always straight forward as to how to apply some of these apps. But do check out my image generator as i thought it was quite cooool.
View my disney animated tarzan movie comic (make your own HERE)!

Next was the Librarything which was easy to use and must appeal to all library workers who love order. I think l may spend abit more time at this site playing.

Lastly we have ROLLYO again l found this a little fustrating as it didn't appear to work when l tried to add it to my blogg. Then the next day it had magically appeared as if by some miracle of the technological god.

So l am quite glad to be moving on. Just a quick update as to the fish tank it arrived last Saturday and has made no further progress. Hopefully it will be full of water and fish before the end of the 23# things.

Monday, November 27, 2006

RSS and Newsreaders 8#

Well l have to say that l'm glad to have finally finished this exercise, l found it to be a bit of information overload. I'm pretty sure it won't be something that l will use but aleast l'm now informed if anyone asks about RSS and Newsreaders l hope!!! I found the links from the 23 things very helpful especially Feedsteer for finding feeds. So if anyone is interested here is the link to my feeds in my bloglines account.

Just a quick update on the fish tank it's still a no show, but it has been moved so maybe my little man will get some fish for Christmas.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Technology 6#

This was a bit of a challenge as l had no idea what new technology to talk about so i thought lets discover something new. So l just did a google search on new gadgets and found this cool well sort of daggy site yes its a New Zealand site. My new piece of technology is the Wiz Bang "Safety Turtle" what l hear you ask is a Safety Turtle? Well its a new device that keeps children and pets safe around water mainly swimming pools. The child/pet wears a wristband and if they fall into water a extremely loud alarm goes off at the base station which can be located up to 30m away. This is starting to sound like a danoz infomercial but here is a testimony from a statisfied customer.

"From Jennifer - Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you an amazing story about your safety turtle. My husband was talking to friends about our son's drowning and they said they had no safety net on their pool. Right away my husband told them to get the Safety Turtle! They picked one up and last Saturday they had a birthday party where my 2 year old son and our friends' little son (also 2) was running around with his safety turtle wristband on as his parents were trying to get him used to it. Last night his father phoned my husband near tears saying their son had fallen in the pool and was wearing the safety turtle wristband so the alarm went off and his grandfather found him at the bottom of the pool...he dove in and saved him and the boy is now fine. A true miracle. Anyway, I thought you would like to hear the story and know that the product you promote is saving lives. Kindest regards, Jennifer"

A truely amazing new piece of technology for only $375 nz check out the neatgadgets site it's sort of cool.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Explore Flickr mashups & 3rd party sites 5#

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Just as l was about to give flickr the big flick, l finally made my fishes mosaic. I have found flickr both fun and fustrating as it can be quiet hard to find the different tools to use. So l must say l'm very proud of myself to have finally licked the flick. I can see there will be lots of ways to use flickr and l intend to play with this more in the future.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Week 2 #3

Hi There..... Is anyone out there HELLO!!!!

Well here is my very first blog posting note "new terminology being used" isn't learning fun. l'm hoping to record my adventures in a new project that l'm undertaking that of new pet owner. My family and l have been discussing this for quite sometime now the main issue raised was what kind of animal to get as a pet. The list has been long and varied Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea pig all of the above have been excluded as we fear for these animals lives in the very loving but quite forceful hands of my 2 year old son. Yes, l hear you saying we know who's blog this is or do you????? Anyway back to the subject matter finally the decision of the new pet was made not by me. I received a phone call from my Uncle who likes to discard his unwanted items at my house so he made the decision of the new pet for us as he wants to get rid of something again and we have agreed to be the new owners of said item. Have you guessed what it is yet well maybe the picture will help oh god l hope it helps.